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Moa's Information Post, audio/video/text

Moa's Inventory of Information on the Scientists and Discedo.

The Scientists.
Also known as the "Sneaky Group".

Ace. "Sweet One". She gave people called "Nobodies" hearts, and I think she made the machine that gives us our things. She spoke to us very often, but we haven't heard from her for at least a year. She'd come out in person sometimes, too.

Green. Had a little brother who made her a bracelet, once. I think he died; maybe it was from the Atropos virus? She has long dark hair...she came out in person a few times. We last heard from her in December. update: She might be from Dissimulo, along with her father. May have been in the prison camp...? update: She died on our trip back from Spero in April.

Lolita. Her real name is Sofie. She was involved somehow with a man named John Summers, who survived the Atropos and came back to kidnap her while we were here. Some of us went to get her back.

Phineas. He was one of us.

Javaid. "Mr Sparkles". Um, that's all I remember about him.

Holden. I don't think this person was here when I arrived. He speaks like he's a scientist? update: apparently he is a scientist, and his name is Holden. He doesn't talk much...

???. Who is this lady?

Other Natives.

Q. A girl that we...found in the forest? She says she was born in Discedo. ???

"John Summers". He knew Lolita, and was in love with her. In the end he went kind of crazy and we had to kill him and rescue her.

"Daniel Wallace". He survived in isolation during Atropos, but he died before I came here.


"Atropos". This was a virus that was supposed to have wiped out all of Discedo. There was another outbreak before I came here, but now we get vaccinated when we arrive. I think they said it was "like a cold" but that it could kill people quickly.

"Chips". The chips' location moves around from time to time. When I arrived, it was in the back of the neck.

"Discedo". Someone once told me it meant "deviate". When I came here, all arrivals were told that we were here in order to "rebuild and repopulate".

"Accido". Another town nearby. Discedo and Accido were rivals.

"Dissimulo". Another town nearby. The subways go all the way there, and we're clearing them out to be able to get there.

"Spero". Another town, across the lake. We went there and found the communicators and the binder there.

Other Things.

The monsters in Discedo change sometimes. There are new ones that have just gotten here and old ones that are gone now.

The communicators shock you if you don't post to them at least every two weeks. They're not breakable, and once I lost mine and found it on my bed the next morning with a note telling me not to do that.

There have been a few times the rain has become acidic here. It seems to happen...more than it should. We also have natural storms. The summers are hot and the winters are cold. It snows here.

The lake was once surrounded by an electrical fence. It was after John Summers died, I think. But people have gone across it, and it's safe now.

There were strange posters found in the subways. I found one of them leftover [the camera turns on for a moment to focus on the poster]. There used to be graffiti on the walls and ground, too.

There was once a "spy-satellite" that crashed nearby. It exploded afterwards. They said it might have been from Accido.

There is a "news station" that comes on every so often. The people there appear to know what is going on now, even though no one is supposed to be here except for us. They come onto the screens even if they're broken.

The binder was found in Spero. It has information on a lot of the people who came here. [A wild (and IC) link appears!]

And old communicator was found as well. [And another video, this time of said old communicator, is here. here under university is what it shows.] There were signs advertising these communicators around Spero, too.

If anyone has questions or things to add to this, please tell me.

Last updated: June 4th.
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